Four reasons why day care is beneficial for early development and learning

Nice Smiling Children Sitting on the Bench

Day care has become a necessity for the modern parents. Most of us are juggling busy lifestyles so that we can provide our children with the best. However, even if we are stay home mums, putting our kids into day care, even for a couple of hours daily or a couple of days a week, can work wonders for our kid’s development. Today, care centres are professional and operated by qualified and educated individuals. Especially if you look for daycare centers in Bethesda, you will find places that create programs to help children develop and build necessary social skills. Here are four reasons to enrol your child in daycare for early development.

Emotional and social development
When you enrol your child in a top quality daycare you are setting them on the right path to proper emotional and social development. They learn these important social skills by interaction with their parents, teachers and peers. With guidance by qualified and experienced carers, children are nurtured with the good emotional skills, where they are encouraged to be curious and taught life skills through experience. They are taught how to manage their frustrations for a smooth interaction with others. This is done without making it obvious to the child or causing discomfort to anyone. These skills will help your child as he or she gets older.

Helps promote cognitive and language skills
It is during the early years that your child develops cognitive skills through hands on activities. This in turn promotes mind development. Well thought out early learning exercises and activities set the foundation for your child’s learning skills, as this is the stage where a child’s mind is like a sponge. A child is able to absorb new languages, skills and activities during the ages of 3 and 5 and it is up to us as parents to ensure that we help them make the most of this period.

Structured Fun
Young children learn by having fun through games. In a nurturing environment, they thrive giving into their curiosity, interacting with others and through following their teachers. When you enrol your child in a daycare, he/she is exposed to structured fun, which encourages them through well thought out games and activities to pick up social skills, learn interaction and develop a sense of independence.

Ready for school
A child who has attended day care is more likely to adjust to the school environment quicker. They already know how to be independent, socialise with peers and interact with teachers. These children have already tuned into their curiosity and are able to respond to new learning experiences quickly.

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